trafshow on console and disabling screensaver

Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 14:28:15 CET

I'm using mulinux 12r2 as firewall between my lan and dialup connection;
it's running on 486dx2 installed on HD and with monochrome monitor.
Because normally there's no keyboard on this pc,i'd like to have on
console the trafshow application in order to control traffic.
I have 2 problem:
1) How the screensaver can be disabled?
2) i tried to redirect output of trafshow with "trafshow -m -i ppp0 >/dev/console"
but seems to be a problem about ansi visualization (it seems to be
a line more or less than required, so the visualization isn't correct)
Launching trafshow on normal console using keyboard it works fine,but
i'd like to launch it automatically at the dialup connection.
How can i do?

Thanks in advance and congratulations Michele for your work!

Fabio C.

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