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From: Grox (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 14:31:41 CET

> Hi! mulinux, hope you having a nice day!
> How can i can see russian text? I`m playing with setup -f lang
> (change fonts in most) but it didn`t give any results ;(
> -=> Yours sincerely, PJ <=-
> ICQ# 112416913
Yes, real nice day.
But( :( boo-o-o oh,
Sorry, I can't read short funny stories (anekdot - on russian), and write something too. And seems not only me. Some people tryed too.
If I'll know what to do, I write it on a site.
And why people call me mulinux? I am Grox. Where I should write it?

-- He-He, By PJ.


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