Re: sound card driver (Crystal CSC4236)?

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 23:20:10 CET

On 2 Feb 2002, at 15:20, Michael Hartje <> wrote:

> is there any driver module for the Crystal Codec CSC4236? The chiplabel is
> CX4235-XQ3.

Not for mu. Mu's sound is either Soundblaster compatible or PC speaker.

> I downloaded module-2.0.36.tgz. There are 2 sound modules included:
> "sound" and "sound-irq5".
> Where can I find the sources?

The sources can probably be found somewhere on an old version of Red Hat or
Debian CD (or other archive) that uses kernel 2.0.36.

> As I know the kernel 2.0.xx offers kernel sound for the cs423x.
> Is it included in the sound modules?

Not in mu. It may be possible find the needed module in some other distro and
adapt that to mu.

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