Re: Get conneget / getting connected

Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 22:17:10 CET

13/02/02 6.33.26, "Alfie Costa" <> ha scritto:

>On 12 Feb 2002, at 8:17, net04043 wrote:
>AC>Have you modified 'resolv.conf' by hand?
>> I did it with vi
>The usual method of setting up ISP dial-in is to try mu's rustic setup scripts
>first, then work from there. Did you run 'setup' or 'wizard'?
>> I get the connection but after a few second the connection hang down.What is
>> the problem about,knowing that with dos and REDHAT6.1 works fine
>Dos and RH work, so the hardware is good.
>Some modems are easy to configure, some aren't. What sort of modem is it?
>That is, internal/external, ISA/PCI, PNP/jumpered, etc.
>It's external made by creatix
>thanks for helping me ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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