Re: established serial connection, but no remote login...

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 23:52:08 CET

> where "small" is the laptop and "dce" the biggy. ping works from either side.
Your connection is fine.
> i can login via ssh from the laptop to the pc, but not vice versa.
I doubt that the laptop will (by default) run either telnet or ssh as they both suck resources...

I would avoid trying to use ssh as the computing power required to encrypt the stream / password login session might be a bit too much of a burden for the little laptop...

> 2. dce:~ # ssh small
> Secure connection to small refused.
> dce:~ #
There is no ssh daemon running.
> i cannot login via telnet, ftp or rsh on either side.
You must have these server daemons running (look at your rc. scripts on the big machine for that side, can't speak for small-linux); there is nothing _to_ connect to right now.
> Connected to small.local.
> 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.
> ftp>
> (what's 421 service?)
FTP messages are presented in two forms on the same line, the number for direct machine reading (if you want to know what the numbers stand for, search for the ftp rfc (request for comments) with google). The rest of the line is the english version.
> i have never linked two computers before. i noticed that on dce there is a
> "sshd" deamon, but i coudn't find this binary in any mulinux package.
> (checked: SRV EXT WKS USR)
There's really no need to use something so powerful

Try a
nc -lp 8000 -e /bin/sh
on one side, and then
nc above.machine 8000

And see if it works. This is how the rustified mulinux telnet daemon runs.

A full telnet daemon (runnable from inetd) is on the SRV addon I seem to remember.

But on such a low powered & secure setup, nc is your friend :-)


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