Re: query / Western Civ, its fate

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 21:53:15 CET

On 20 Feb 2002, at 19:40, Pauline <> wrote:

> Should I be using some utility
> to spread it over 2 floppies?

Probably not.

> Am I being particularly stupid here and
> missing something obvious?

Maybe yes. On the one hand, it's all in the docs. On the other, many programs
have miserable docs. Mu's are pretty good as such things go, despite their
being written in 'fractured english'.

Longtime users of any program already know what one would expect to find in its
docs and introductory texts, and they usually don't check if these are getting
worse. New users seldom complain if the docs are bad, because they don't know
better or they don't want to seem impolite. In volunteer projects, they also
don't want to be asked to rewrite them**.

(**The myth being that anyone who notices a fault ought to be able to do things

Moral: a few say that modern civilization may disintegrate for lack of
critics, and some say it may because of a surplus of them, and others don't
suppose it makes any difference.

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