Re: Web-browser for mulinux

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 09:42:31 CET

I have compiled "links" on my old linux machine.

Its very powerfull. A textmode browser like LYNX, but sopports FRAMES (!)

But has some problems with cookies. ;(

In a older Version of X11 there was also the "arena" browser. Think its
still there in one of the older X11.tgz files.

And I posted some time ago some nice small browsers...

    Two tiny Web Browsers...
    Hehe... If this works wit muLinux and TCL Disk ...
    Because then its only about 3k (but i can't test right now ;( if there
    more libraries to load...)

But if you have enought space on your muLinux machine you can install the
There was a Browser, News, Mail.... whatever.


    Hehe, or install Windows anywhere and use the EMU disk with wine. So you
have IE :))
    OK noone wants that really but it works. (but don't know if its working
with the network also)

> Hi there,
> I would like to know, what web browsers are available to mulinux...
> I know, that Quark - rustic text browser in included.
> I also know that netscape 3 is available in NS1+2 package.
> Under some other package, Lynx 2.6 is available.
> I have at my site, qtscape (app. 2megs with c++ libs).
> This is only useable for sites with no frames, https and javascript :-((
> What I really want ist a full graphics browser, that can handle https,
> javascripts and frames :-))
> I assume that would by netscape >=4, mozilla or opera?
> Does someone were able to run one of these under mulinux? Especially
> Does netscape needs at least a SVGA X11 server (VGA16 doesn't work?)?
> I know, that netscape had some problems with various c libs.. and
> needs a wrapper script..
> Does one know of at least a text browser, that can handle https traffic
> banking)?
> Many thanks,
> Peter Sieg

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