From: LEE EK WEE (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 08:32:43 CET

   I'm using NFS on mulinux. It is for own knowledge only. I wanted my
mulinux box to mount a linux box directory and vice versa. The problems are

1. When the linux box NFS mount mulinux, the error
   "mount: RPC: Unable to receive: errno = Conection refused" appears.
2. When mulinux NFS mounts linux, the error
   "mount clntudp_create: RPC: Program not registered" appears.
I'm using Redhat 7.1 and mulinux 12r2 with SRV, WKS, X11, and GCC addons.
In the NFS setup in mulinux, I let the NFS server as the linux box, and the
nfs_root as /home. I allowed the linux box connection in the /etc/hosts
For the Redhat 7.1, I set the /etc/exports file and other necessary files in
/etc to allow the connection of mulinux box.
Can anyone help me on this? Thank you.

Roger Lee

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