[mu SETUP] Getting X to work on an old Mitac 4022 Laptop.

From: Peter Nunn (pnunn@pncomputing.net)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 13:14:48 CET

Hi folks,

this is my first email to this list so I hope I'm not asking a question that
has been asked hundreds of times before.

I can't find the archive to check, the link is dead from the home page.

I am trying to get X setup on an old mono laptop and am having a really hard

I have got as far as hand editing the XF86Config and XF86Config.in files but
still no luck.

I have now got a totally minimal setup with just one screen resolution and
one driver definition but I am now getting errors about 'generic' being an
invalid chip set.

Is there anything I can use to probe the system and help me setup X?

Apart from this, the system is amazing for an old 486.



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