Re: [mu TECH] would it be easy to add gnupg?

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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 19:11:57 CET

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:57:46 +0100
Gabriele Alberti <> pleasently wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> actually I didn't know there is pgp in mulinux. I looked just for gnupg and I
> missed pgp :) Very good.
> Anyway, maybe the right question I meant is: is it possible to compile a
> software in mulinux? Michele said in mulinux's homepage about the GCC addon:
> "NOTE!NOTE! For educational purpose only."
Well, some _very_ small .tar.gz from the 'net that _DON'T_ depend on other exoteric link ins outside the libc _might_ compile.
>and maybe the better way to get
> new software for mulinux is compile it in another linux box and linking with
> libc5.
The easiest method that I've found is to grab an old libc5 linux distribution and then simply use that to compile all your stuff in a full blown environment, and then drop it into mu.

In particular, zipslack 3.9 or 3.5 ( - go to 'get slack' & find a mirror near you, most sites still host it) is rather useful as it is a simple 40meg download & will provide you with a full-octane system - just dump it onto a spare DOS partition (just like mu in umsdos mode :^).

The most interesting thing is that dillo ( claims to compile ok on libc5 (with a little tweaking of the sourcecode). Linked dynamically & stripped, the executable is only 200kb is size :-! even with static linking of GTK, it might compress to something easily rustified :-)


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