Problem with the Sunsite server

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 21:08:24 CET

Hi friends!

I just made an attempt to upload something on, with
no success :-(
Something is changed on the site: the net effect is that I always
get connected as anonymous login. When I send the command "user mulinux",
the FTP server alway respond "anonymous already logged", or something

Anyway, I just realized an new addon: JVM, Java virtual machine, based
on an old version of Kaffe: v0.8.3, working with libc5.
So, using only two floppy disks, you can compile and run java programs and,
of course, to preview applets (with a 3th floppy: X11).

I originally did that for my use, but It can be useful for some
other people.

I must now to contact some guy in Denmark: this always put me in
anxious state.


I keep trying to locate a meeting of Quantum Physicists. But everytime
they set a meeting time, the location changes. And vice versa -- Anonymous
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