MUlinux: mc, ~vi, fax

Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 13:12:59 CET

I'm trying to setup/use the fax application.

1. A possibly useful screen trace becomes no longer visible
when s)end returns.

And from the script: /usr/bin/fax
         the "== FAX MANAGER ==" menu writes
  - Log errors in /var/log/fax.log
Which is not true ?!

/tmp/fax.test keeps the t)est log nicely.
Similarly I need to see the s)end log.

My other Linux installation shows the send log, which
obviously can be very useful.

2. Which editor does mc use (default), so that I can use it
by replacing 'vi' with <newEditor's path> in /usr/bin/fax.
I hate vi !! Or how else should I replace vi in the fax appl ?

3. mc cloned from the famous DOS Norton commander is IMO one
of the best application ever, and mulinux seems to follow a
similar approach: menu driven.
But a usefull facility of 'normal' mc doesn't work properly:
   finding a text-string in a rooted (sub)tree of files ?
eg. by: F9 -> C -> f -> fill in 3 args:Start at, Filename, Content.
File(s) can be found for a given Filename and (sub tree root)/start.
But my mulinux can't find files containing the 'Content'.
Other versions of linux do find the set of files containing the string.

4. All my linux: old-Slak, RH62 and now mulinux have 'spurious repeating'
of the middle mouse key (for paste with gpm). Any tips on how to
fix this ?

   Chris Glur.

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