Trying to install on 386

From: Craig Turner (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 23:06:38 CET


I'm trying to install muLinux on a 386 with 8mb ram & 240 mb hdd.
(Why...why not?)

However I'm having a bit of trouble.

Firstly it boots Ok, and I create a swap partition (prepared with fdisk
from Toms R&B) The swap is a linux swap partition (option 1) of 32 meg.

I then load the USR disk, which takes a while, but loads Ok. Then I put
in the SRV disk, and try to load that. A lot of hd disk activity takes
place (swapping, I think), and very slowly the percentage complete
increases, however after 12 hours, it still only got to 22% at which
point I gave up.

I then tried putting the hard disk into my P200 with 256mb ram. I
managed to load muLinux fine, and cloned muLinux to the hard disk. I
then moved the hd back to the 386, but booting only gets as far as LI

So I repeated the procedure but instead created a floppy boot disk.

Booting from the floppy disk gives me LI 040404040404 error (the 04
keeps repeating) I did a search through LILO documentation and from
what I understand, this is something to do with the hd geometry.

Anyone got any pointers as to where I should go from here?

Is the failure to boot an MBR issue?

(I also downloaded a copy of 'freeDos' and tried to install it using
LOADLIN, but after installing FreeDos, it still tries to boot using
LILO, and I still get the LI error, which is what leads me to suspect
an mbr issue)

Thanks in advance,


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