Re. Trying to install on 386

Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 07:37:30 CET

Craig wrote:
> I'm trying to install muLinux on a 386 with 8mb ram & 240 mb hdd.
> (Why...why not?)
> However I'm having a bit of trouble.
> Firstly it boots Ok, and I create a swap partition (prepared with fdisk
> from Toms R&B) The swap is a linux swap partition (option 1) of 32 meg.
> I then load the USR disk, which takes a while, but loads Ok. Then I put
> in the SRV disk, and try to load that. A lot of hd disk activity takes
> place (swapping, I think), and very slowly the percentage complete
> increases, however after 12 hours, it still only got to 22% at which
> point I gave up.
> I then tried putting the hard disk into my P200 with 256mb ram. I
> managed to load muLinux fine, and cloned muLinux to the hard disk. I
> then moved the hd back to the 386, but booting only gets as far as LI
> So I repeated the procedure but instead created a floppy boot disk.
> Booting from the floppy disk gives me LI 040404040404 error (the 04
> keeps repeating) I did a search through LILO documentation and from
> what I understand, this is something to do with the hd geometry.
> Anyone got any pointers as to where I should go from here?
> Is the failure to boot an MBR issue?
> (I also downloaded a copy of 'freeDos' and tried to install it using
> LOADLIN, but after installing FreeDos, it still tries to boot using
> LILO, and I still get the LI error, which is what leads me to suspect
> an mbr issue)
> Thanks in advance,
> Craig

This is probably NOT the answer you want to hear:
I also had problems to install, setup, run.
For non-trivial tasks (and life in general) one should use the well proven
succesive refinement method.

When you start programming, you start with the "hello world" program.
I.e. you first get the minimum functional, observable task running.
Then gradually enlarge/refine.

LILO and MBR are themselves a can of worms, without introducing
another half dozen new/unknown variables.

Start with the minimal system and then grow if you decide to.

   Chris Glur.

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