Re: the first week with mulinux

From: Dirk Heilemann (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 14:25:44 CET

Hi folks,

some updates:

my snmp monitoring runs! I use the old RPMs (I am too stupid to compile it
myself) from
Hope they don't have too many bugs.

Tip: to unpack RPMS use MidnightCommander on a system with RPM. Press
[Enter] on the *.rpm and you see a file "CONTENTS.cpio". Press [Enter] again
to see it's contents. There you have the files! mc is so cool!

I receive traps (goes to the messages so far) and can query OIDs. The output
becomes a set of webpages.
This part still is under construction and - I bet - will never be finished.

One question: Where do I put my services eg. snmptrapd? To the inittab? Will
they be there after reboot?



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