rshd problems

From: Daniel Webb (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 02:59:03 CET

I have mulinux 13r0 with the SRV add-on. I have my laptop and my desktop
connected via ethernet. Telnet seems to work fine (telnet from desktop to
laptop which is running mulinux), but the follow occurs:

rcmd: short read

>rsh "ls -al /"
poll: protocol failure in circuit setup

I have searched Google, and some sources say this is a problem with the
network setup:

    Note: if you use rsh and get "poll: protocol failure in
    circuit setup", this means that
    the reverse connection for the stderr channel is filtred somewhere
    in your network.

I have also tried using rsh with the -d option, but this doesn't seem to
do anything. Why does telnet work but not rsh?

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