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Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 15:46:13 CET

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 02:32:57 -0700 (MST)
Daniel Webb <> pleasently wrote:

> >dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/stdout | ssh user@host "cat - > dest_file.raw"
> when I run this, it brings up the password promt, and then soon after the
> error: "dd: /dev/stdout: no space left on device".
> Is there another way to do this?
You don't need the 'of=/dev/stdout' ; dd will default to this if no file name given...

I would suspect that the /dev/stdout device file is not actually there, so your computer opens up a standard file on the root partition (called /dev/stdout !) and copies the information into there.

> I am about to give up and buy one of those IDE->laptop cables, because it
> does not seem that there is any way to accomplish this task with Linux.
<whacks with stick> <in a friendly way :) >
There's always a way with linux!

Try this:

On desktop:

nc -lp 666 > dumpofhda1


dd if=/dev/hda1 | nc DESKTOPIP 6666

Run 'trafshow' on a different console to see the data being transferred, or run dd with its 'show percentage done' thingy.

Goodluck! hope this helps!

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