install problems

From: Mick Mearns (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 12:02:25 CET

  I am new to the list.

There are problems with the 13r0 .BAT files.

MAKEFI.BAT: needs the /B flag on both copies
copy /B root.tgz a:
copy /B mulinuz a:

UNPACK.BAT: the rename statement renames the wrong file.

If you download all the files to the same dir then mulinux-* and muless-* both
will be caught by 'rename mu*.tgz mu.tgz'
Of course 'muless*.tgz' gets renamed.

rename mulinux-*.tgz mu.tgz
rename mulinu~2,tgz mu.tgz

Also 'less' is broken.
On any multipage doc, you cannot pg/up to the first page after leaving it.



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