Re: backup again

From: Daniel Webb (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 10:14:48 CET

> > I have found a command that seems to be working!
> >
> > Apparently, the "dd" command doesn't block, but "cat" does, so by
> > replacing dd with cat in the last try, plus adding a delay to enter the
> > password, seems to be working. Here is the command now:
> >
> > >(sleep 10; cat /dev/hda1) | ssh user@host "cat - > hda1.raw"
> And In my opinion, backing up the RAW data of the HD is much
> better than backing up the files, as the restoration process will be
> much easier, no need to setup lilo or partitions, just back up
> /dev/hda and if the need arises copy the backup file back to
> /dev/hda and you are where you left off :)
> In most laptops you can even backup the hibernation drive and in
> so doing restart the computer from a given place :)

  Question about backups and devices: If I backup /dev/hda1 (the first
partition of hda), to a file, I can mount this file and do things with it
using the loopback device. However, if I backup /dev/hda, is there any
way I can get in there and mount the filesystems inside it?

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