Re: start x as nonroot ??

From: Joshua Hudson (
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 18:15:15 CEST

>From: Stephen Isard <>
>but you can't get an xterm, because
>that requires allocating a
>ttyp, and even with the X server,
>the window manager and the aterm
>program all running suid root, you
>don't seem to have permission to do
>that. If you want to open another
>xterm window, you have to change the
>ownership of another ttypM before you do it.

muLinux runs out of ttyp's very fast. You should mknod
ttyp[a-f], ptyp[a-f], at least. you should be able to
guess the minor numbers after doing

# ls -l /dev/ttyp[018] /dev/ptyp[018]

Major numbers unchanged. These should probably *all* have mode 666

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