ANN: New site.

Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 04:36:33 CEST


  We are pleased to announce a new site with stuff for muLinux:

  At present it contains JDK v1.0.2, Free Pascal Compiler v0.99.5,
GNU C Compiler v2.7.0 and the famous qtscape web browser v0.0.
With more to come.

  Some of the packages are supplied as self-extracting RAR-archives.
They need to expand in DOS or a DOS-box.
  Any help are welcome and also feedback about your experiences and

  Most of the packages are rather large and unpractical to use with
anything but a harddisk installation of muLinux.

  The site is a collaboration between Peter Sieg (addons) and
Hans Nordstrom (site design).

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