Re: [mu TECH] Crystal sound card

From: Garry thomas Tucker (
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 11:06:40 CEST

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002 23:02:32 -0500 Alfie Costa
<> wrote:

> On 2 Apr 2002, at 17:45, Garry thomas Tucker <> wrote:
> > I have a crystal audio ISA sound
> > card (cirrus logic chipset cs4236 i think) and
> > was wondering if anyone can point me in the right
> > direction to finding out how to get sound working
> > in mu?
> Is your sound card SoundBlaster compatible? (Mu's sound driver is for SB
> compatible cards only.)
> For MsDos/Win9x, do you configure the hardware with jumpers or software? (The
> card may be Plug & Play, in which case Linux won't see the card until you
> configure it with various 'isapnptools'.)

The card is sb (pro i believe) compatible under
dos/win. its initialized using an exe in DOS (i
dont know about windows as i rarely use it ). I
have tried using isapnp but it wont work. Guess
ill just have to keep using dos for games, though
id rather use the emulator . I could use the
internal speaker thing, but i dont have an
internal speaker, just wondered if anyone knew of
a site that could help me out.

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