Boot to ext2 via DOS&Loadlin

Date: Sat Apr 06 2002 - 12:24:03 CEST

Jarvist wrote:
> If you boot via lilo / floppies, can't offer much help other than playing with
> isapnp - though you can always boot into a full ext2 linux via DOS&Loadlin
> first (even put it into autoexec.bat if you want :^)

Since I have 4 hard disks all with 'damaged' MBRs (or some thing),
I need to boot ( RedHat 6.2 several insatlations, Slakwr and the best:
fastest, lightesst, cleanest = native-oberon OS & lang) all from
Some 3.5 inch some 5.25 inch.
I failed to mkbootdisk <for fd1>. ? !
Booting to various rdev(s) via DOS&Loadlin would be be very usefull.
This would save me swapping fd-cables from 3.5" to 5.25"

How do I boot into a full ext2 linux via DOS&Loadlin ?

   Chris Glur.

PS. my friend who has to have the latest M$
had a very long face when I brought 4 HDs for him to 'fix'
and mulinux could read/write all (as of course could n-o), but
M$ could not even fdisk - see them ! I'm talking about HDs
starting with FAT partitions.

Unfortunately MSDOS is the 'base' of PCs; via hardware,
so it's good to be able to read/write and even boot C:

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