[muLinux: off-topic] muLinux RPC and for didactical purposes

From: Enyedi Szilard (esziszi@home.ro)
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 08:21:46 CEST

Hello micros :-),

   The mL RCP does work :-) Too bad the admin passwd isn't the one on
   the .nl website, we could just simply stop the webserver (I
   think...) :-)

   Oh, and a thing: muLinux's Samba server worked out of the box,
   while I had a hard time configuring and starting RedHat's (7.0, as
   I recall).

   So we use it to teach bash commands and basic networking for the
   students. It's better than RedHat for this :-) I have a step-by
   step tutorial to install 11r8 on a Win9x machine (press this,
   select that etc.) But in Romanian.

   The introduction starts with "Well there is Redhat, but there is
   also this Italian Physics teacher, M. Andreoli, who developed

   So, muLinux is great, even just for teaching basic Linux.

Thursday, April 11, 2002, 12:36:59 AM, you wrote:

MA> Jurp Nieuwenbroek had setup a site using mulinux.

MA> http://ptcz.zeelandnet.nl/

MA> Difficult to believe! But here: http://ptcz.zeelandnet.nl:81/ you can
MA> see the muRCP control panel at work.

MA> Unfortunately, I do not know the admin password :-)

MA> Thank Jurp!

MA> Michele

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