Re: [mu TECH] Trouble with AST Notebook

From: Norberto Carnelli (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 20:05:33 CEST

> Accyaly this seems to be an APM problem, as when using AC
> power the apm doesn't try to conserve the power, but when on the
> battery...

just to be sure, i tried this other minidistro :

Pygmy Linux is small distribution of the Linux operating system, based on Slackware 7.1.
PL use UMSDOS filesystem, it allows an user to install a fully functional operating
system, that co-exists peacefully with DOS/Win9x on the same partition
Kernel: version 2.2.16, It is standard Slackware 7.1 kernel with APM support.

apm seems to work (but it seemed to work with your kernel too)
and it reports

apm --verbose
APM BIOS 1.1 (kernel driver 1.13)
Ac off-line, battery status high : 63% (0:00)

but the laptop still freezes after a disk pause.

this is a brief history :
in DOS if u don't push anything for some seconds, the notebook
automatically slows down/shuts down the hard disk;
when u press a key, the hd is "restarted" and you can see the keys
you've pressed before, after a little pause.
in linux : u can observe the same thing, but when the disk restarts,
u can see the keystrokes written to the console and then it hangs

for example : i wait 'til the disk pauses
i write ls <return>
i can hear the disk restarting, linux executing the command and
showing the output and THEN it hangs :/
then nothing works except for the functions keys like battery, biosconfig,etc.
If i try the suspend button i can see a new login console (maybe one of the previous
attempt) and then it goes into suspend, i try to get it out and it works for a couple of
commands then it hangs again. then the suspend key doesn't work anymore

my god, everything is SO strange...

     Norberto Carnelli

"L'ozio e' il principio di tutti i vizi,
il coronamento di tutte le virtu'.
---Franz Kafka"

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