Re: QT embedded floppy disk demo

From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 21:39:37 CEST

Emanuele Aina wrote:
> Lisias Toledo sentenziò:
> > >GTK+ is even worst, because it is a new API the call the Xlib API.
> > To not mentio the huge footprint.
> Perhaphs you haven't read the link on Linuxdevices I have posted.

Are we going to start a Digital Jihad here? u-HUU!!! Fun! 8-D

> <>
> It is a good comparision between embedded GUI, speaking about
> Microwindows, Opengui, Picogui, Qt/E, GTKfb and GTK+/TinyX.

Yes, I did. I read all the page. Every bit. I swear!! 8-)

> You may be surprised, but as a result the choice of the writer
> has been GTK+ and TinyX on the framebuffer for their maturity/stability,
> their low memory footprint (lower than Qt/E) and for the fact that their
> source is completely free.

Yes, I'm surprised!!! 8-)

2.9 Megabytes is A LOT OF MEMORY on a device with 16 or 32 megabytes of
memory. If you must share that memory between Applications and User
Storage, things get worse!!!!

You have a Kernel, a File System, device drives, GUI, Aplications and
Data competing by memory on a environmnet where Virtual Memory is not a

"Every byte is sacred, every byte is good" (Someone here saw "Monty
Python's Life of Brian"?)

> >> As you see, I simply removed the X Protocol, reducing X-Window
> >> from a "graphics network server" to Microsoft Windows! Is that the
> >> answer?
> I think that, for a low powered devices, losing the possibility of
> running applications on a more powerful machine in a transparent manner
> it is a big disavantage.

What's in the line here is the Consumer Pocket. How good is to the user
waste money on features that he don't going to use? Or so use that with
a Desktop, that can himselft handle better all that stuff?

And besides, more powerfull machines can handle emulation and
abstraction layers without any annoyance. Don't makes sense to me punch
funcionalities on a PDA that could be implemented in a cheaper fashion
on a Desktop.

> Several paper seems to state that it aren't the network capabilities
> of XFree to slow down apps.

But it's the network capabilities that eats memory... 8-)

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