Re: ad up-to-date antivir to first floppy?

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 19:27:22 CEST

Hi Michele.

Am 27.04.2002 um 16:38 schrieb Michele Andreoli:
>> 2. I choose "search vor viri"
>"vor"? What "vor" mean?

Sorry, "vor" is a german word (meaning "before"). should be "for" of course

>The idea is good. This is an antivirus utility build on the top
>of the existent muLinux.
>Why to use a ramdisk? Why to not download on to user HD?

hmm, yeah, might be possible, but it just "looks" cleaner, without. There
might be some bootvirus on the harddisk (are they executed by just
accessing the hd from elsewhere?).
But if you are low of ram, using the hd might be a good alternative.
Why not ask the user, where to download?
Or: If there is less than xxx MB Ram free, ask to use the hd.
A permanent installation is not that important/should not be realised.
After rebooting, the antivir should be gone.
The idea is, that I dont't have to maintain an up-to-date antivirdisk, but
use muLinux to boot wherever a pc is infected. Just establish an
internet-connection (wether via LAN or via Modem) and beginn scanning.

I came about that Idea, when I tried the vexira-antivir-cd/floppy
(, but there only is the scanner on
cd/floppy, the signature-file has to be on a seperate floppy. I missed some
kind of online-update.


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