Re: ad up-to-date antivir to first floppy?

Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 02:11:33 CEST

> > The idea is good. This is an antivirus utility build on the top
> > of the existent muLinux.
> I think that this idea is worth implementing, as it would be really
> usefull to have a up-to-date antivirus utlity allways avaible at a write-
> protected floppy, well even if you windows machine gets infected
> you can download the mulinux floppy images as they aren't
> executables and viruses can't infect them and then boot from the
> images:)

I don't completely understand this, but it's related to something
I'm trying to solve. But first let me ask why would I want to play
with mulinux instead of a 'proper' linux ?

Because I can carry a single fd0 (I like to take WKS also for mc) to
someones machine and do 'stuff'.

Specifically: I've got 5 hdas, all no longer DOS bootable which I have
to boot via fd0 (mostly for oberon - my prefered OS) !
I tried to put a partition for my friend, for linux.
Now we can't reinstall his W95, because of not-DOSbootable !

With mulinux I can simply extract the MBRs from other DOSbootable
machine(s). I hope ? {BTW DOS: fdisk.exe \mbr fails if fdisk.exe fails}

-- Chris Glur.

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