[mu SETUP] X11 help 2

From: knefas (knefas@libero.it)
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 14:03:08 CEST

Thank you for tempestive help, but I'm crying anyway:
My video card is exactly a "Guillemot Maxy Gamer Xentor 32", the best
resolution of my monitor is 1024x7678@88 Mhz and I have xfree86 3.3.3.
Xwindow starts only if I setup the video card as VGA16, and then I' ve a
600x480 resolution on a 17'' !
My startx.log don't say anything of interesting there are only four rows:
"errno 111".
I don't know what I can do!
If somebody want help me...

Pietro Franchi

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