Re: Let's CLEAN UP this mu-mailing list !!

From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 01:42:56 CEST wrote:
> Presumably other subscribers have also had a flood of viri ?

Yes, from all the World. Blame Microsoft for this, not his poor users.
At least, see the good part of the history: who that not use MS Oulook
don't get infected...

But I wander how much bandwidth is being wasted by this fantastic
stupidity called Script Kiddie.

> While this problem is fixed, let's also bring the mailing-list
> back to order, by having zero tolerance for:

> * top posting,

Not always a bad thing... But it can be irritating sometimes...

> * html posting

Should be banned. Can a filter be installed on the list manager?

> * > 80 line len

Exactly why people think this is a issue? Why not use MUAs with
word-wrap? Why not ask the MUA's maintainers to implement word-wrap? Why
not abandon crappy MUAs those mainteners are so sluggish to implement

It's really easy, I already did a little editor with word-wrap to long
lines (em middle '90, on a 386sx with 4 megabytes of ram). I can't think
on just one good reason word-wraps can't be implemented on every single
mail reader on the world.

On another list, the line limit is 72, because some mail-readers have
problems with lines greater that 72 characters. Here, 80 is good, but 81
isn't. There, 72 is good. 80 is not. What criteria we should use?

Man, believe me. I exchange emails with a guy with 40 coluns display,
and he never complained with me about my 72 characters lines (adjusted
that way because the maillist I talked about).

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