Re: [Req #1045] Virus on the muLinux mailing list

Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 09:30:27 CEST

> > Michele> It is possible simply to refuse emails with attachments in this
> > Michele> mailing list? Pure text format would be the best.
> >
> > That is tricky. However we can enforce that the posts _has_ to to be
> > in text/plain format. This might lead to others getting
> > bitten. This will make sure that only mail with content-type:
> > text/plain will get through to the list ?

Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> what about the following: Allow all messages which are either having
> top level Content-Type=3Dtext/plain or Content-Type=3Dmultipart/alternative
> while containing a text/plain part in their multipart section?
> By doing so we could receive all mails that are either just plain text
> _or_ are a combination of plain and html text - and there are _lots_
> of mails of the 2nd type.
> Would that be possible?

Yes, and there are _lots_ of viri and spam mails.
This is not about 'majority vote' driven by the masses of lowest common

What are your good reason(s) to post html text ?

-- Chris Glur.

* no html
* no attatchments
* no top posting
* no 'line wrap expectation'

Resist the M$, Macdonald, Disney: 'dumbing down mentality' !

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