[muTech] MuLinux and dhcp/ddns

From: Michael Gruner (stockraser@yahoo.de)
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 22:11:12 CEST


i got mu 13r2 running on a siemens pcd-4nc notebook today. Good work
Michele! Now i've got two questions during configurating mu:

1.)why does my EZ4109 PCMCIA-Card only configure in second try? At
boot-time mu says: cardmgr : card pcmcia not well configured and it does
nothing. Configuring the card after booting with the help of setup
everything works fine?!
2.)I have setup a dhcp with ddns(bind9) on my server (suse 7.3). After i
got the pcmcia card configured, fetching an ip via dhcp works fine. Mu
says that it got a nameserver (ip of my server...), but pinging my
server via hostname doesn't work because mu doesn't use my dns.
Configuring the nameserver via remote control-panel everything works
fine. Why does it not work for dhcp?


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