Re[2]: [mu SETUP] unable to change setup

From: David Ross (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 21:36:28 CEST

Hi Alfred,

>>This is really embarrassing, but I seem unable to make it past the
>>first step!

AB> Err, which version ?

I'm running 13r2.

AB> Also, do mulinux version and add-on/ tools versions correspond ?

Not sure -- I downloaded everything from the mulinux homepage and
assumed they'd be consistent. Everything seems to work, but when I
reboot I seem to be back at the setup phase.

AB> Anythin special with the labtop's floppy drive ?

I'm not using the floppy since it's a PCMCIA device and I need the
slot for the network card.

I seem to have solved the constant prompt for the X11 addon after a
reinstall. The main issue now is that the network always needs to be
re-setup. I get a "card pcmcia not well configured" error during boot.
 If I go into setup I can being eth0 up and everything is fine until I
 reboot, and I get the same error and have to go back in to setup. I
 have tried setup -s lock to no avail.

 Similarly, if I change the hostname or edit /etc/issue, it all gets
 reset on reboot. I have tried going in to set up and saving to no


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