Re: [mu SETUP] unable to change setup

Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 14:10:04 CEST

> > Similarly, if I change the hostname or edit /etc/issue, it all gets
> > reset on reboot. I have tried going in to set up and saving to no
> > avail.
> I've a big doubt: did you change parameters (under the control
> of Setup) with your editor?
> If yes, Setup always will rewrote them.
> You must use Setup. As alternative, you can edit by hands the file
> and issue a "setup XYZ store".

I too had much annoyance setting up mulinux.
There's certain knowledge which is near-impossible to re-gain
once you've lost your ignorance.

So the setup-author doesn't realise that the new user ( correctly )
wants to get a minimal (confirmation) testable system, before he
goes into the details of setting-up to his 'final' requirements.
The new tester anticipates possible unknown factors causing him to
abort, and correctly doesn't want to 'get married' on the first
installation attempt.

This is the idea of the minimal "Hello world" approach in starting
to program. And is apparently one of the reasms for MS's success:
the ability to start small and expand as you wish - ie. their upward
compatability for their first systems.

-- Chris Glur.

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