Re: [mu SETUP] SVGA install.. Bash.rc?

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 13:50:35 CEST

Josh wrote:

> I have downloaded the SVGA.tgz file from the "other binaries" link onto the FTP server.

The current version of the website says that the SVGA server is part of
the NS1.tgz addon. Try that.

> Where is the bashrc file or whatever it is called. Is it hidden? Should i create one?

bashrc files are initialisation files for the bash shell and the mulinux
distribution doesn't include the bash shell. There is no point in
having a bashrc file unless you get bash itself. Even then, you can
live without a bashrc file. Someone on the list was offering bash on an
ftp site a little while back, but I can't remember the details.

If you do get bash, there can be two kinds of bashrc file. You can have
a system-wide
initialisation file in /etc/bashrc, which will apply to all users, and
each user can also have their own .bashrc (note the initial '.' in the
name) in their home directory. Files whose names begin with '.' are not
displayed in an ordinary directory listing, but you can see them with,
for example, 'ls -a' or 'ls -d .*'. Unix, including linux, doesn't have
a concept of hidden files.

Good luck,

Stephen Isard

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