Re: 'ile' / Monster helps mini (& fix mc)

Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 14:55:31 CEST

> > What's the point of hacking a minimalist system like mulinux, and then
> > running a monster like X (xterm) ?

"Alfie Costa" wrote:
> As a debugging aid.
> With Debian's many programming tools and references it's
> easier to look things up and run certain obscure little tasks.
> Also we can run
> Debian's 'mc', with all extras working correctly, and compare it with
> mu's 'mc', (in a mu xterm), and not need two computers running.

Yes certainly. But the monster is X, not Debian.
Also one of mc's advantages is that it does'nt need X.

> Cutting & pasting works too, things like that...
Cut & paste is perhaps even more 'got to have' than mc.
But again it's independant of X.

I'm currently installing 'FromScratch' linux via my RedHat6.2
partition; but I don't want to have to startx. BTW in a case
like this I need several mc-s open (in VTs - not xterms) for:
1. read the instructions
2. make a log of notes of my progress
3. navigate around the RH6.2 partiton
4. navigate around the 'FromScratch' partition
5. extra stuff ...

The only thing much better for serious work, than linux with
multiple mc-s, is (free multitasking) oberon - my normal

> [mu TECH] Detective story...
> In mu, I did an:
> # strace -f -o /tmp/mc_calls.txt mc
> ....Then had 'mc' search a directory for a particular word where I knew
> in advance that this word was in a certain file. It didn't work
> of course. "F10".
> Way into the 'strace' output file, '/tmp/mc_calls.txt', was this line...
> 2327 execve("/usr/bin/egrep",
> ["/usr/bin/egrep", "-n", "screen", "-"], [/* 46 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
> ....therefore 'mc' tried to run:
> # /usr/bin/egrep -n screen - < somefilenameorother
> ....but 'mc' couldn't find '/usr/bin/egrep', so the call failed.
> According to the egrep man page:
> -n, --line-number
> Prefix each line of output with the line number
> within its input file.
> So what was needed was a grep that has the '-n' and '-' switches.
> ('-' means use standard input instead of a filename.)

So how will you fix it ?
I needed this facility yesterday, to find a string in a dir-tree and
had to do it manually ! Also Ctrl O doesn't 'temporarily close' the
mc panels - less problematic.

-- Chris Glur.

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