Re: [mu SsETUP] NS 1 & 2 setup

Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 12:57:28 CEST

(muLinux is good!) but :-)
me too interested in such a topic. I've installed
the same version of muLinux & tried to run Netscape
in the directory
but i obtain the message "bus error"

another questions
1) when i tried to format a floppy using
mk2fs the led of drive lights without any
spinning and it freezy. Then i remove the
disk and i obtain a bad sector
2) when i connected ppp-on i remain on
line circa 2 minutes then the connection
goes down.

other questions in my mind but now it seems
to be enuf at the moment


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Subject: [mu SsETUP] NS 1 & 2 setup

Hello all,

I just resubscribbed to this list after finally getting some time to install
muLinux on my Toshiba Satallite T2100CT. I installed all the images that
were on the mainpage and it went well (alot better then my first attempt at
muLinux!) Anyway, my question is:

I am running 13r2 and Iinstalled NS1 and NS2. I get a bus error when I
attempt to start netscape from an xterm window. Any ideas?


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