i am another newbie

From: NETWORK (network.net@email.it)
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 18:43:00 CEST


changin' Internet Provider. But it hasnt
any DNS only dinamically IP. What have
i do?

The other ISP was genie.it and it works fine
to receive mail (Mutt) but when i tried
to send mail thru sendmail it doesnt work.

Changed provider to tiscali.it it connected
fine (Windows98) but when i try MuLinux no
sight of live albeit the modem say me i
was connected! using ping <address>
i have <loss 100%> packets. and Mutt
says me <pop.tiscali.it> not found and
then a big trouble when have to send mail

In the frontend of <setup> i noticed that
sendmail item has a S and a - (minus) sign
as other item have S and a + (plus) sign
e.g. pop3 S+

I know MuLinux isnt for everyone but
why its so difficult to manage a decent
Internet connection?

any suggestion? thnx in advance friends.

Venezia-Mestre, Italia.

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