Vacations. A fantastic off-topic.

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 19:27:46 CEST

As someone of you well know, I have a shameful amount of vacation-days to
destroy. So, this night, after a day here, in Tuscany, I start my journey
toward my native country, the Southern Italy (Campania).

I will stay in a such small village (1000 ab.), where the word "Linux" do
not recall nothing in the mind of the population and a caffe' cost only 52
euro cents (here, in Tuscany, the caffe' cost 80-90 euro cents).

In this village the only relevant words in August are: "Sant'Antonio da
San Marcellino, pizza, vino, sagra, banda, il prete, processione, fuochi di
artificio", etc. So, I will have to speak this language.

I will visit my remaining relatives here, then I will go for a
while in Calabria (Tropea), where the beach is wonderful and the water is

I have no phone line here, but (in theory) I can use my IPaQ+Nokia for
The problem is: only 2-3 emails, over 50 for days, are good for me.
The remains 48 are about Viagra and general pornografy.

I will return back in August 20. So, I like to extend to everyone
on this list (but, ideally, to everybody in the world) my best wishes:
VERY GOOD SUMMER, with a lot of girls and love.

ICQ: 164185731

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