Re: Re: [mu TECH] installing more serial ports with MOXA Smartio C104H

From: Rudolf Harney (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 12:17:26 CEST

Hi all!
Thanks, Stephen Isard, for mknod and boot- answer - both worked!
Again a question about installing a (serial) multiport card on my industrial PC: Ther card comes with a linux 2.0.3x driver - BUT the driver has to be compiled, so there is a "make install" command, which invoces a (or several) c-files, that want to be compiled, ... and several error messages appear on the screen. I read, that the gcc compiler is just for educational purposes, anyway. So I don't have a chance, to get a driver for my card? Is another way, to get the driver driving?
Does anyone have a serial multiport card with a mulinux system - that works? Which?
Thanks for help!!!

Rudolf Harney

former question and answer:
>> mknod is on the SRV addon. Download SRV.tgz from the website and run
>> setup -f SRV
>> and then you'll have it.
>> Good luck,
>> Stephen Isard

> Hi all!
> I have installed muliunx 13r2 on an industrial PC, to get some measurements working. I want to install several serial devices (modem and measurement), so I bought a MOXA Smartio C104H ISA card with 4 more serial ports. I downloaded a linux driver, compatible for kernel 2.0.3x - so should work with mulinux.
> The problem is: a shell-script needs the command "mknod" to store the infos about the serial ports, this command is not availlable in mulinux. Can I add it to mulinux? How? (I tried, coppying it from my SuSE linux PC - doesn't work - ... and the gcc addon can't translate the mknod.c sourcecode from
> Or is there another way, to install the board? Without mknod?
> I am rather new to Linux - and just try, what comes in my head - which is sometimes not working ... .

Rudolf Harney
Rudolf Harney
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