[MuLin on laptops] Slight problem

From: Tomasz Banys (incomtech@wp.pl)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 12:38:58 CEST


Hey all,

I have recently acquired a laptop (Lexmark Lexbook SE10) which is a cheap
clone of some IBM machine (Thinkpad 500 family or so). Of course, it
wouldn't be a pleasure without MuLinux.

Having decided to boot it up, I prepared the floppies and started the boot.

However, problems quickly appeared. First of all, the machine has a total
3904KBs of memory (<4MB) and does not want to cooperate (the kernel halts in
random moments of loading itself into memory). I've tried to cut it smaller,
but with little effect.

Any ideas how may I succeed with booting it?


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