Re: making boot diskette

Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 08:25:34 CEST

One way to make the boot+root+usr diskette on a DOS/Windows machine is:
1. Ensure all the download files (, mulinux13r2.tgz are in a direcory eg. c:\muinst
2. Unzip
3. Run unpack.bat (this will expand the mulinux-13r2.tgz file)
4. Then run makefi.bat to make an installation/rescue floppy disk
5. Shut down the machine and boot up using this floppy diskette select option 1 when the menu appears and follow instructions to make the mulinux disk set.

NB. the installer diskette can also be used to create the required partitions before cloning an ext2 installation. (select 3 at the menu then run fdisk.)
The file system is automatically created as part of the clone command when an ext2 installation is selected.
I hope this has helped.
I have had no problems with it.

My best regards Adrian
> From: Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer <>
> Date: Sat 20/Jul/2002 11:50 GMT
> To:
> Subject: making boot diskette
> hallo!
> I installed mulinux as umsdos linux on my old Pc.
> Now I want to clone mulinux.
> In order to do that I need a root/boot diskette.
> When I tried to do that- I used the install.bat command-to build up a root/boot diskette.
> But it failed whith the command " ext2fs is recommended" and "ext2fs error".
> What have I done wrong?
> What is ext2fs?
> Hoping to get an answer.
> Bye!
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