Re: 2 question (the main about Netscape on muLinux

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 11:39:20 CEST

Kautzmann Gerd wrote:

> > From: NETWORK []
> > /usr/bin# compress
> > compress: not found
> possible reasons:
> 3. even if a file has a execute bit on its bitfield, it could be impossible
> to execute anything in it ( f.e. plain text files ) you can examine a file
> with the 'file' command. f.e. 'file filename'.

3a. Another possible reason for the file not to be executable under
mulinux is that the file was compiled to use libc6 libraries that
mulinux doesn't have. If you grab a program off a recent RedHat,
Debian, SuSE, etc. distribution and try to run it under mulinux, you
will usually get the error message you describe, because new
distributions use libc6. If you are intent on running such programs
under mulinux you either have to get a libc5 version off an older
RedHat, etc., distribution, or compile it for libc5 yourself (see to get started).

Try running
ldd compress
to see if this is your problem.

Sorry not to address your main question about netscape, but without much
more detail on what you have tried and what happened, nobody is going be
able to help. And even then, ... :-)

Stephen Isard

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