Star office 5.1

From: Wells, Adrian (SCH) (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 13:51:01 CEST

To the newbies among us.

A few weeks ago there were several inquiries about office software for
mulinux, and
I have been trying to install all manner of office software for the
past few weeks (against
Michaele's advise that I didn't try this as a struggling newbie - due to
all sorts of depenancy problems.)
His advice turned out to be good but I tried anyway (I,m stupid that
way) only to discover that despite hours of trial and error, the only
software I could reliably get to work was Star office 5.1.
I find that this installation has made mulinux a perfectly acceptable
desktop and its workstation, since it not only provides a MS office
compatible productivity suite, but also a browser that works with my
bank. The easy way to install it is to make the installation folder on
another Linux machine (I used Redmond) and then copy over the whole
folder then run the setup command. (as easy as a windows installation).
I would put the folder up for download, but it is too big for my
webspace. So should any one be interested I wouldn't mind mailing a copy
of a CD to them. or maybe to some kind soul who has the space for it on
some site. (55M zipped, 155 M as folder on CD).

My best regards to all

Adrian Wells

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