Re: Log in to another device through S0

From: Dirk Heilemann (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 11:03:49 CEST

> Dirk Heilemann wrote:
> > I like to connect to a device via a nullmodem cable - not ppp, just
> console
> > access.
> > It's a VT100 console with 9600,8,N,1 and it's plugged on the S0 (COM1)
> of my
> > mulinux box.
> Basically, you arrange for a getty program to listen to ttyS0, by
> editing a line into your /etc/inittab. Mulinux uses agetty for console
> logins, so try that. See
> Stephen Isard
It seems that the documentation is mostly for the other way - logging on to
my mulinux via console.
I read it already and the part that confused me was:

--------cut from yout howto--------
9.6 Emulation Software
Make a Linux PC a terminal
Unless you want to emulate the standard vt100 (or close to it). There
doesn't seem to be much free terminal emulation software available for
Linux. The free programs minicom and seyon (only for X-windows) can emulate
a vt100 (or close to it). Seyon can also emulate a Tektronix 4014 terminal.
--------cut from yout howto--------

But I need it the other way around: coming from the LAN with telnet I like
to see whats happening on my small PBX via nullmodem cable connected to a
running mulinux. I don't like to take my (Windows) PC downstairs just to log
in with Hyperterm.
Minicom is the suggestion. But how do I do it with (mu)linux ???


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