[mu SETUP] saving configurations

From: V Sreejith (sree707@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 17:17:26 CEST

hi all,

I am a new member of your group.
I am really impressed by mulinux.I have installed it
without any probs and am working in it for two days.

Here I have a doubt.If I add something to
my rc.local or other files in
my etc directory, how can i change
my setup to include the updated files during
the next boot.
I tried reading ur docs.It is given that by typing
"mu -u" it will unpack the compressed files and then
we can modify the configurations etc.
Then by typing
"mu -r" we can repack our distribution.

When I tried mu -u it gives an error message that
my version of kernel might create problems for
so I tried to do it after booting to mulinux.
Inside mulinux I got an error message that loopback
support is not in my mulinux kernel so it asked me to
recompile my kernel with loopback enabled.How Can i
create an mulinux image with loopback enabled?

If i locked a default profile
How can i change that profile.
How can I add a new profile?

Is there any way i can hide my
boot time messages?


Sree 7-0-7

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