Re: Stop the screen from blanking

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 13:27:43 CEST

Jeroen Nieuwenbroek wrote:
> wich program switches now the screen blank on mulinux ??
> build in the kernel ? or...

It's my understanding that for a linux console, blanking is controlled
by the console driver in the kernel. For an X display, it is controlled
by the X server. The bios is probably capable of overriding them.

The console_codes(4) manual page gives all the sequences that the
console driver is supposed to respond to. There's an online version at .

It says:

ESC [ 9 ; n ] Set screen blank timeout to n minutes.

n=0 is supposed to disable blanking, as in the advice I quoted
yesterday. I don't see why it should make any difference, but what
happens if you press the keys ESC [ 9 ; 0 ] directly, rather than using
echo? What about trying some other sequences? Can you change colours?
Move the cursor around?

Stephen Isard

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