Re: Stop the screen from blanking

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 17:12:22 CEST

> Cenobyte wrote:

> For some reason, it doesn't work with mulinux

Glad to hear you are all set now.

Just for the record, I tried the escape sequence with two 486 mulinux
systems (12r2), and it worked with both. What didn't work was
"echo -n -e". The /bin/echo that comes with mulinux 12r2 will accept
either the -n flag or the -e flag, but not both at once. The crucial one
for these purposes is -e, which makes echo interpret \033 as an escape
character, rather than as a backslash followed by 3 digits. The -n just
prevents an unnecessary, but apparently harmless, new line after the
escape sequence. So what worked for me was 'echo -e "\033[9;0]". If it's
important to get rid of the new line for any reason, you can filter the
command through 'tr -d "\n"'.

Stephen Isard

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