more mulinux app?

From: Samy Zeraouli (
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 11:05:35 CEST

hello everybody!

it's been quiet a while i'm using mulinux, and the main reason i'm using it, is because of it's easy and flexible installation process and it's considerable small size. i have a portable Olivetti pentium 120 Mghz with 850 Mb HDD, and it's just perfect for it's co-habitation with Win95. however, there is a little difficulty finding software that is compatible with libc5, and even though, it's not obvious that'll work.  My question is, is there a place where you can get a list of applications that are compatible with mulinux (apart from the site by Peter Sieg)  or will there be a a new version of mulinux compatible with libc6?


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