From: Anonymous (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 13:36:51 CEST

Perhaps one of the reasons that my network don t works
is that I ve installed mulinux as Umsdos.
Is it possible to get a mulinux network running in Umsdos?
Probably what i'm saying is stupid but is your network card
supported from 2.0.x kernel? Which network card do you have?
I ve a Realtek networkkard a RTL 8139. It seems to me that I saw a Rtl 8139.o module

What version of mu do you have in use? Perhaps the best way is to upgrade you software.

I use 9r1b mulinux.
Do I have to upgrade?
What is the easiest way to upgrade?
Is there another possibility whithout upgrading?
Because I am very happy with Mulinux 9r1b, and everything except the network works fine


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